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Best TikTok Video Downloader

On this site you can download any video or audio from TikTok without a watermark to your device. You can download videos in good quality with a direct link and without registration. Online service works.

No viruses, no registration

And all you need to download is the link to the video itself. You don't need to register or have a TickTok account.

Yes, and it's very easy!

Without installing any software, programs or bots, the downloader allows you to download any video without a logo

Video and audio in a variety of formats

You have an opportunity to download videos from TikTok in various formats, with different resolutions and quality

All devices are supported

You can upload videos to any devices and platforms: PC, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android.

No fees at all times

You don't have to and won't have to pay to download videos from TickTock in the future. Service will always be free.

No restrictions on downloading videos.

You can download videos without a tick-tock sign at maximum speed.

How do I get a video to download from TikTok?

To get a link to download videos from TikTok without a watermark, you do not need to install third-party apps, programs or Telegram bots.


You need to copy the video link from TikTok.

First, you need to copy the link to the original video from TikTok. You have the option to do this in the app or on the website. Click Share and in Share settings, look for the Copy Link button


Add a link to download the video

On our TikTok uploader, you need to paste the link in the field to download the video


Select a desired video format and quality

When you click the Download button, you can choose the quality and format of the video. You can download either a small video for your phone and HD quality. There are video options with and without the TikTok watermark.


Choosing a video without the sign or just audio

You can save the file to your device by selecting the desired audio or video option with or without the TikTok logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we answer you all the questions you have when using our downloader.

How many video, audio and photo formats do you support?

You can choose the format when you insert the link with the video. It is possible to download a video that is watermarked and without a watermark. You can only download audio from tickTock.

Where is the storage location after downloading videos from TickTock?

There are different ways to store data on different devices. Carefully examine the installation folder on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. You can look at the Download History section in your browser.

Can I download TikTok videos without watermarks?

You are given the opportunity to choose different options. There is no way without it.

Is there a limit to downloading the application?

You have the ability to download videos at maximum speed and in high quality.

And how can I download videos from TickTock to my phone?

You will need to click on the desired option, and then the file will open, which you can install in the standard ways of your device. It works on computers (PC, Mac) and mobile devices (Apple iPhone, Android).

How can I download videos from TikTok, in good and high quality HD?

As for the original video, it all depends on how it was shot and edited. In TikTok, you will be able to download the video if the video itself was uploaded in high quality. All possible options are listed.

User feedback

If you want to download from Tic Toka, your feedback is always welcome. Send your suggestions and wishes to the mail


Tracy Daugherty


I like the service because it allows you to download videos from TikTok directly to your phone. And the online service itself opens perfectly from my phone and saves the video file to the standard


Tommy Prohaska


Definitely, this is the best online video download service from Tick Tock! High quality, fastest download speed and no watermark from TikTok.


Hannah Hermann


In my long life, I've seen many services for downloading from TikTok. But the best one is yours! Minimum advertising, clean design, high speed! You are the best service with maximum convenience for downloading

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